Reva Joly LCMT is a 2001 graduate of the Muscular “therapy Institute in (Cambridge Massachusetts (now located in Watertown), At the Muscular Therapy Institute, Reva studied an extensive 5^00 hour accredited advanced muscular therapy curriculum including anatomy, physiology and clinical pathology.

After graduating Reva continued seeking knowledge in the field of bodywork, and massage, she received her certification in Pre-natal and Peri-natal Massage Therapy from Joan Osbourne-Sheets of San Diego, California. Reva is a second degree Reiki practitioner and has studied Craniosacral Techniques with the Upledger Institute.

Isn’t it time you invested in your health? Are you aware of any limitations in your range of motion caused by tense muscles? How does stress effect your mind/ body connection? Take a moment for yourself… Breathe deeply.—and feel what your body is trying to say in a mindful moment..— Break the chronic stress pattern that disrupts your daily life, (jive yourself the rejuvenating experience of a therapeutic massage.